Herminé Duzian, the AGBU Diaspora Youth Programs Chief Coordinator in Armenia and Europe, founded the Discover Armenia program in 2003, and serves as the Program Director each summer. An alumna of the AGBU Tarouhi Hagopian School in Lebanon, Herminé's lifelong involvement with AGBU and the Armenian community began in childhood as a young scout and athlete. Her positive childhood experiences led her to focus on AGBU youth programs throughout her career.

For the past 25 years, Herminé has been the Director of the AGBU summer camp in France “Colonie de Vacances” in the stunning Hautes-Savoie region. She has, at the same time, managed the winter “Ski Camp” in France. She has been integral in initiating the AGBU scouting movement in Armenia and administering the AGBU summer camp in Bulgaria.

Herminé's passion for youth athletics has also brought her to serve as a Board Member of the Armenian Handball Federation where she has contributed to the development of the sport in Armenia. She has also been an active member of the Pan Armenian Games World Committee since 2002. Living in Marseilles and Yerevan, Herminé used to be an active board member at the Armenian Cathedral in Marseilles, Cathédrale Apostolique Arménienne Serpotz Tarkmantchaz.

Herminé looks forward to spending time each summer teaching a new generation of Armenians about their cultural identity and heritage.