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What sort of supervision and guidance is provided?

Forging a deeper connection with their land and their people, each summer Discover Armenia participants embark on an incredible three-week journey filled with sightseeing, community service experiences and culturally enriching activities. Youth ages 15-18 form lifelong bonds and return home forever transformed, with heightened respect for their heritage and a greater sense of responsibility towards their community.

What are the rules of the Program?

AGBU Discover Armenia expects a positive attitude and enthusiastic participations from all enrolled. Students must follow the directions of the Program Director and Staff. All participants require and should expect essentially equal attention. Behaviour detrimental to the safety or enjoyment of the experience will not be tolerated. A more comprehensive list of rules and regulations is listed on the Participant Code of Conduct and Agreement Form found on the application. This must be signed by each participant and legal guardian during registration.

What is the tuition cost to send my child to Discover Armenia?

The tuition fee is 1000 EUR or 1200 USD. Payments may be made upon the submission of the online registration form or via wire transfer (details provided upon completion of the registration).

What amenities and expenses does the participation fee cover?

The Participation Fee includes lodging expenses, meals, and building security as well all planned activities including tours, group dinners, organized trips out of town (including Artsakh) and local sightseeing visits.

What sort of food is available for participants during their stay?

Participants enjoy a variety of healthy meals from traditional Armenian meals to sandwiches and continental cuisine. As the size of group is large, we cannot accommodate special requests and expect that participants will enjoy the group meals provided. If your child has food allergies, please contact us in advance of enrolment to discuss the options available.

Is financial aid provided?

Financial Aid applications may be downloaded upon completion of the online application form. Please submit financial assistance forms only if your participation genuinely depends on the receipt of financial support.

Is a visa required to enter and stay in Armenia for the duration of the program?

Citizens of the following 45 countries can travel to Armenia without a visa: Andorra, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States of America.
Nationals of countries not mentioned here should contact the closest Armenian embassy to check visa requirements.

What sort of identification is required for the trip?

All participants must bring a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after their departure date from Armenia.

What immunizations are required for travel to Armenia?

There are no mandatory immunizations required for travel to Armenia, but it is advisable to visit a physician prior to departure. Make note that any regularly administered prescription medications should be filled with sufficient supply for the duration of the Program. Some types or brands of medication may be limited or unavailable in Armenia.

Are there other medical restrictions for program participation?

All participants must submit a health form disclosing health conditions that may affect their daily activities. AGBU is not responsible for managing the health care or developmental needs of the participants. If a student has severe allergies or other conditions that require medical oversight, please discuss these with the Program Director in an open and honest manner to determine whether the program is the right fit for your child.

Does AGBU provide medical insurance?

AGBU only provides emergency medical insurance in Armenia as part of the Participation Fee. We strongly recommend that participants inquire with their carriers about travel insurance options prior to departure.

Does each participant need to have medical insurance?

Yes. All participants, regardless of age or country of origin, are required to have travel medical insurance during their time with AGBU Discover Armenia.

Are medical assistance and facilities readily available?

Yes, there are a few hospitals and clinics located near the AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Youth Center. The Program's preferred hospital is Nairi Medical Center, a private hospital located within a 10-minute drive from the Center and covered by the AGBU emergency medical insurance plan.

What is the name of the airport in Yerevan?

Zvartnots International Airport

What housing accommodations are available to the participants?

The group will be staying in AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Youth Center. For more information and pictures please go to the Facilities section of the website.

What supplies should participants bring for their stay?

A complete packing list will be provided to participants prior to their arrival in Yerevan. This will include our guidelines for attire as well as housing essentials.

Does my child require any spending money while in the Program?

The basic necessities (daily meals, lodging, and travel expenses) are included in the program fee. Spending money should be provided to each participant at the parents' discretion (150-200 EUR or USD should suffice).

Will AGBU provide accommodations for participants arriving before or leaving after the assigned program dates?

The AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Youth Center hosts other AGBU youth programs during the remainder of the summer and will not be available before Program arrival and departure dates. Please plan arrival and departure dates along with any necessary accommodations accordingly.

Can participants stay with relatives/friends during the Program?

It is part of AGBU's requirements that all participants live together under the same roof for the duration of the Program. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

How can I communicate with my child during their stay?

You can keep in touch with your child via email or phone. Each participant can bring his/her own international mobile phone (unlocked and capable of working with GSM systems) or buy one in Armenia. The participants can also use the free WiFi of AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Youth Center to communicate with their families and friends.

How do I contact my child in case of emergency?

You can contact Herminé Duzian directly or call the AGBU Yerevan office (contact details will be provided upon admission to the program).

What is the itinerary scheduled for the upcoming summer?

A specific itinerary will be provided closer to the program start date and will be clearly communicated to participants and their families.

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